Annual General Meeting 2020

PTC NSW 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 24 October 2020 at PTC NSW office, Auburn NSW. (Location is subject to change due to COVID 19 restrictions)

Voting Representatives for 2020

  • English Teachers Association NSW – Imelda Judge
  • English Teachers Association NSW – Sue Gazis

Board Nominees 2020

  • Mathematical Association of NSW – Maree Skillen
  • Science Teachers Association of NSW – Deborah de Ridder
  • Technology Educators Association – Toni Robinson

AGM Agenda

PTCNSW AGM 2020 Proxy Form

PTCNSW_AGM20_Director Information

PTCNSW_AGM20_Nomination form


PTCNSW_AGM20_Supporting Statement

6_PTCNSW_AGM20_Voting Representatives Nomination Form




1 Jan

The Philosophy in Schools Association of NSW

The Philosophy in Schools Association of NSW Introductory and Extension Workshops For teachers from Early Learning to Stage 6, from all KLAs

1 Dec

Technology Educators Association

Agriculture and Food Technologies – Food Law & Regulations

1 Jan

Australian Society for Music Education NSW

Zooming into Music Education with ASME NSW