The ICT Educators NSW Term 4 Workshop will focus on content from OOP 101. Join Amanda Hogan, Deputy Head of Technological & Applied Studies (TAS) at St Andrews Cathedral School, as she shares her experience with OOP in Python. Amanda, is a passionate educator, who transitioned from the IT industry and has taught in a number of schools in Sydney. She brings a wealth of experience, particularly in integrating technology into classrooms, working alongside teachers in various subjects. Amanda is also a versatile IT consultant, contributing to school operations and occasionally creating educational experiences involving robots and computer games that captivate students. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to education and technology, benefiting both the learning environment and the school community.

Come along to be guided through making a virtual pet with OOP in Python.

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the basics of OOP (classes, objects, methods, attributes, scope)
  • Understand the Python syntax for classes and methods
  • See Polymorphism in action
  • Make a basic program using your class

What you’ll get at the end

  • A tutorial that is student ready to use in the classroom to run the same activity
  • Answers to all those questions you were too afraid to ask.
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6 Nov

Information Communication Technology Educators NSW

Term 4 Workshop – OOP 101

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