NESA Accreditation Facilitated by PTC

The Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC) Provisional Accreditation of Professional Development Policy and Procedures commences by the end of Term 2, 2022.

The Policy and Procedures are aligned to NESA course accreditation requirements and thereby provide a streamlined process for member professional teacher associations (PTAs) to gain NESA accreditation of professional development (PD) courses.


The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards) describe what teachers should know and be able to do. Specifically, the knowledge, practice and professional engagement needed for high quality effective teaching that improves student learning outcomes.

The Professional Teachers Council NSW supports the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) in its role of administering a teacher accreditation scheme for all teachers in NSW designed to improve teaching and learning in schools and early childhood services.

PTC NSW PD Advisory Panel

The PTC NSW PD Advisory Panel will receive and assess applications from PTAs to ensure they meet NESA accreditation requirements before submitting them to NESA for formal review.

The PD Advisory Panel members will include at least one PTC Director, PTC CEO or representative, in addition to a maximum of 4 representatives from member associations.


NESA staff will provide specific training to PD Advisory Panel members to build their confidence in applying the NESA PD accreditation requirements in assessing PTA applications and understanding the quality standard required for courses to be accredited.

A NESA staff member may participate in PD Advisory Panel assessment sessions to help ensure the standard required for accreditation is consistently applied. The attendance of this NESA staff member will continue until NESA is satisfied that the process the PD Advisory Panel applies is consistent with all NESA standards.


Professional Teacher associations will be invited to submit professional learning accreditation applications for preliminary assessment by the PD  Advisory Panel of PTC NSW by the of end of Term 2 2022.

The PTC NSW PD Advisory panel will assess each application, via the approved NESA accreditation forms.

The panel will assess each form against the approved NESA requirements for accreditation.

Successful applications are applications that the panel are satisfied fully meet NESA accreditation requirements. Preliminary approved applications are forwarded to the NESA PTC NSW staff liaison for endorsement as an accredited course.  NESA then upload accredited courses to the ETams website.

The PTC NSW NESA accreditation liaison staff member will advise PTC each time a course is successfully accredited.

PTC will then inform the PTA of their successful accreditation of each course. PTC will also provide support for all PTA’s with administering the ETams requirements as requested.

Courses that NESA or the panel assess as not meeting all NESA accreditation requirements will be returned to the submitting association with recommended amendments. Re submitted applications will be reviewed by PTC NSW against the recommendations and if assessed as approved will be submitted to NESA. Should a resubmitted application not meet all NESA requirements the PTA will be supported by PTC NSW to ensure the course meets all NESA requirements and is submitted.

NESA Accredited PD courses are accredited for a two-year period.

PTC NSW Accreditation Recommendations

NESA will monitor all PTC NSW preliminary approved courses for a period time until NESA is satisfied that PTC NSW can transition to a risk assessment model where NESA will randomly select preliminary approved courses for accreditation reducing the need for all courses to be reviewed by NESA. A NESA cycle of checking PTC recommended courses will be introduced until NESA is confident that preliminary approved courses meet all NESA requirements and will subsequently be confirmed as accredited as received by NESA.

Accreditation Scenarios

Scenario 1









Scenario 2

Scenario 3













In the interim please continue to apply directly to NESA by completing the relevent form and returning this as outlined by NESA.


Form A:  For organisations applying to have their first course accredited under the Accreditation of Professional Development Courses Policy implemented from 2021

Form B: For organisations who have already had one or more courses accredited under the Accreditation of Professional Development Courses Policy implemented from 2021

Form C:  For organisations applying to have a conference with concurrent workshops accredited under the Accreditation of Professional Development Courses Policy implemented from 2021