Professional Development Accreditation

PTC NSW Authorised Professional Development ACCREDITATION Provider

In February 2023, the Minister for Education announced that PTC NSW as now the fourth authorised provider to assess and accredit PD on NESA’s behalf.

As a result, all PTC NSW members are invited to submit PD applications directly to PTC NSW for accreditation.

Our Accreditation Officer, Ms Audrey Juska has now begun working our PTC NSW Accreditation Panels ready to process member applications.

Member associations wanting PTC NSW to accredit  professional development applications are invited to submit applications directly to PTC NSW via the dedicated email address,

PTC NSW approved application forms are available from the links below. We have streamlined the forms, one for Courses and one for Conferences.

The Process

The Accreditation Officer and the two Professional Development Accreditation Panels will assess member applications against the NESA accreditation requirements.

Submitted member applications that require no further information will be approved and a congratulation email will be sent to the  member association. PTC NSW will then upload the course to eTams allowing member associations to advertise accredited courses or conferences.

Applications requiring further support will be returned to the member association  outlining the areas requiring support. Our Accreditation Officer will be handling these applications directly with the member association. Once amended applications reach a level of approval – PTC NSW will be deem the application approved, the member association will be notified and the Professional Learning will be uploaded to eTams.

PTC NSW expectation is that once this process is fully established application success rate will be high and the timeline between submission and approval shortened. Historically the approval period has been between six to eight weeks.

All members will be provided with two complimentary submissions.

Fees and charges associated with the application process or the uploading of participants to eTAMS are available from the PTC NSW website

PTC NSW is now accepting member association applications.

Applications are to be submitted via

Application forms can be found here:

PTC NSW – Accreditation Form – COURSE

PTC NSW – Accreditation Form – CONFERENCE



Should a PTC NSW non-member wish to apply for accreditation via PTC NSW a non-member process as well as fees and charges will be made available.  All non-members are invited to submit enquires via the email address