IELA Professional Development Course Validation

The Institute for Educational Leadership in Australia (IELA), is an initiative of the Professional Teachers Council NSW (PTC NSW).

As we know there have been significant changes to the provision and accreditation of PD in NSW. During this transition stage, PTC NSW is implementing a Professional Validation process. To ensure that teachers and Schools can have confidence when selecting quality, professional and relevant courses that meets NESA interim requirements ALL courses provided by PTC NSW member Professional Teacher Associations can seek Course Validation via IELA.

The Professional Teachers Council NSW Professional Learning Committee, who previously ensured member courses were accredited by NESA will now validate courses meet new NESA Interim requirements.

Once a course is submitted the committee will review the course against the new interim requirements, and either validate the course or advise alterations to ensure validation.

Once validated the member association course will receive a validation statement and IELA logo. All participants of any IELA validated course will receive an electronic IELA participation certificate in addition to a member professional teacher association certification. The current fee will be applicable.

PTC NSW will be contacting all schools in NSW outlining our process and how IELA validated courses meet new NESA interim requirements and are professional and valuable experiences for teachers across all sectors and systems in NSW.  PTC NSW encourages all member associations to outline to their members how their courses, have been validated as meeting NESA interim requirements and that all Professional Teacher Association courses validated via IELA are of the same high quality, and relevant as they have historically been! All validated courses will be automatically uploaded to the PTC website.

An IELA validated course is a quality robust course attended with confidence!

The process for validation via the PTC NSW PD Committee can be found here – IELA Course Validation Process

To apply for validation please select from the below levels –

Proficient Level

Lead Level

Highly Accomplished