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Birth of a journal – The Educational Research Journal (erj)

PTCNSW, The Institute for Educational Leadership in Australia (IELA), supported by the Minister for Education NSW, is proud to announce the call for papers for the inaugural IELA Education Research Journal (erj).

erj provides a platform for teachers, students and academics across all sectors of NSW to submit articles, dissertations, research articles and to share with colleagues.

  • One section of the journal will include teacher-based research which may be from PHD work, Masters studies, or School based research papers.
  • Students in their final year of teacher education are invited to submit research-based articles of interest from their studies.
  • Teachers in their first five years of teaching are invited to submit research papers, informative articles on experiences, mentor programs, respond to successes and failures of their journey so far.
  • And finally, a section inviting senior school students in Year 11 and Year 12 who may have a paper based on their studies in their final two years at high school.

All submitted works will be presented to a selection panel who will decide on the journal content per semester. The IELA Education Research Journal (erj) will be an electronic journal that will be made available to all schools and education institutions across all sectors and systems in NSW. The Minister for Education, the Honourable Sarah Mitchell will be providing the preface for IELA Education Research Journal (erj).

It is envisaged that IELA Education Research Journal(erj) will be come a place for rigorous discussion, debate and challenge across a wide discourse of education in NSW.

Your article can be submitted by clicking this LINK

Additional information can be found here – Submission Guidelines

We do hope that you will consider a submission to the IELA Education Research Journal(erj).