Monday 09 Nov, Wednesday 11 Nov, Thursday 19 Nov and Tuesday 24 Nov

Four x 1-hour online sessions, 7.30-8.30pm


Session 1: John Gill, Paul Gaske

Session 2: Kirsten Macaulay

Session 3: Jim Coyle, Willem New

Session 4: Michelle Leonard, Thomas Feinberg

Debra Batley will chair all sessions

Session 1: “Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Preparing Students for the HSC Music Performance Examinations”.

John Gill and Paul Gaske are expert Stage 6 Teachers. They will be sharing their knowledge of how to best prepare students for the HSC music practical examinations.

Session 2: “Scaffolding the Music 2 and Extension Essay” will be presented by Kirsten Macaulay.  The focus will be on providing teaching strategies that keep students on track with their musicology essay.

Session 3: “Let’s Hit It

Jim Coyle will present a body percussion composition, whilst Willem New will present a junk percussion composition.  They will both highlight useful teaching strategies that can be designed around this repertoire.

Session 4: “Authentic Engagement with First Nations Peoples in the Music Classroom”

Thomas Feinberg and Michelle Leonard will explore the cultural considerations and knowledge that should be considered when designing authentic musical encounters with the music of Aboriginal Australians.

There will be two poll questions included at random times in each presentation. Only participants who respond to the polls, and are shown as logged in to zoom for the full presentation will be eligible to receive NESA accredited hours. 

Participants must attend every session in order to receive NESA accreditation

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