Creative Arts

27 Oct

Australian National Choral Association

Choral Composition Workshop for HSC/IB Students

29 Sep

Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW

Early Childhood Music and Movement – Stages 1 & 2

Online delivery

2 Sep

Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia NSW

Virtual Teach Meet & Tea 1: How do we teach Music when we can’t sing?

Online delivery

1 Jan

Visual Art and Design Educators Association

VADEA Conference 2021: Peripheral Visions


12 Jul

Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing

Coffee and Conversation – Vocal Warm ups

Online delivery

23 Apr

Australian Band and Orchestra Director’s Association

ZOOMING onto a Virtual Podium

Online delivery using Zoom

15 May

Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW

Music Play – 2 day conference and masterclass – POSTPONED

Hughes, ACT

8 May

Visual Art and Design Educators Association

2 Day Annual Conference – Peripheral Visions – POSTPONED

8 May

Dance Educators Professional Association

2 Day Dance Conference 2020 – POSTPONED

28 Mar

Australian Society for Music Education NSW

2 Day State Conference: Tradition meets innovation – POSTPONED


20 Mar

Drama NSW

Group Performance Devising for the HSC


5 Mar

Drama NSW

HSC Play Meet

St Leonards