When: Friday 10 & Saturday 11 May 2019

The VADEA annual conference is the largest professional gathering of visual arts and design educators in NSW.

Visual Arts education is future present, it traverses past art traditions and histories, responds to present contexts and looks beyond current horizons, to potential futures. The 2019 VADEA Conference explores how Visual Arts education facilitates authentic critical and creative thinking, and the development of student autonomy in their learning. The conference unpacks how we as educators can facilitate Visual Arts students to develop the ability to reason, through critical evaluation and judgement, concept formation, theory creation, higher order thinking and metacognitive reflection.

The MCA provides a platform for igniting critical and creative thinking and an excellent opportunity for delegates to engage with contemporary practice, educational research and to contribute to innovations in the field of visual arts education.

The conference program will incorporate a diversity of viewpoints that address the theme of Future Present with artist talks including Alex Seton, Darren Sylvester, Latai Taumoepeau, Janet Laurence and Guido van Helten; art education and curriculum presentations; the work of emerging artists in the National: New Australian Art Exhibition at the MCA; makers marketplace; papers and workshops from visual arts educators in specialist learning spaces including the creative learning studios, seminar room, multimedia room and digital studio. A programming innovation for this year is an exclusive research opportunity for regional and remote teachers and to continue a program pathway for K-6 teachers.

The conference attracts around 200 delegates who are K-12 educators, university lecturers, administrators, supervisors, museum educators and art education students.

For further information https://www.vadea.org.au/2019-conference-watch-space/

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