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PTC NSW Annual Awards

Professional Teachers' Council NSW presents a number of annual awards to individuals and organisations that have contributed to enhancing the status of teaching as a profession.

Exceptional Service Award (ESA)


The Professional Teachers' Council NSW Exceptional Service Awards are presented to PTC Board members and others for their exceptional service over a significant period of time to the Professional Teachers' Council, member professional associations and education in NSW.

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Outstanding Professional Service Award (OPSA)


This award is made by the PTC NSW on behalf of professional associations in recognition of the voluntary work undertaken by committee members of professional teachers' associations. The award recognises individual committee member's outstanding professional contribution to education in NSW made through a professional teachers' association.

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icon OPSA Nomination Form 2016 (73.86 kB)

icon OPSA Guidelines 2016 (500.5 kB)

icon OPSA Citation 2016 (73.31 kB)

Media Award


The Professional Teachers’ Council NSW Media Awards are presented to individuals working in the media industry for their positive portrayal of the work of teachers and schools and their recognition of the value to the community of teaching as a profession.

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icon Media Award Guidelines 2016 (323.88 kB)

icon Media Award Nomination Form 2016 (294 kB)

icon PTC NSW Media Award Nomination Form 2016 (315.94 kB)

Media Award 2014

Download 2014 Media Award Nomination Form and Guidelines below:

icon Media Award Guidelines 2014 (155.32 kB)

icon Media Award Nomination 2014 (293 kB)


OPSA Award 2014

Download 2014 Outstanding Professional Service Award (OPSA) Nomination Form, Guidelines and Sample Citation below:

icon OPSA Guidelines 2014 (199.74 kB)

icon OPSA Nomination 2014 (300.5 kB)

icon OPSA Sample Citation 2014 (290 kB)


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