PTC Plus

The Professional Teachers’ Council of NSW (PTC NSW) is proud of our innovative bespoke approach to Professional Learning delivery called PTCplus.

PTCplus in school-based professional learning  has been providing quality professional school based learning since 2017.

The PTCplus professional learning model provides tailor-made professional learning experiences for schools, designed by teachers, presented by teachers to teachers in schools.

All member associations will be supported by this model as all curriculum delivered PL will be provided via member associations. PTCplus will actively promote the work of member associations; the value of teacher membership and the semester calendar of PL events available beyond the school.

Briefly PTCplus in partnership with each individual school will:

  • establish a school based Professional Learning Centre/community which will host a wide range of  courses across all three career stages: Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead.
  • design and deliver specific curriculum PL experiences, in partnership with PTC NSW member associations, based on each individual school’s needs. • provide all secretariat support required to organise PL experiences.
  • support your preferred casual teachers participating in PL events attracting NESA accreditation.
  • provide access to a growing panel of professional consultants across a broad range of expertise including: Student Leadership, Governance, Compliance, Mindfulness, Thriving and Surviving in Education, Leadership and Digital Technologies (STEM).

The Professional Teachers’ Council of NSW is very excited about the PTCplus model of bespoke professional learning and feel that the quality, range and suitability of professional learning events, at a sustainable level of fee for service, based in School is an attractive service. PL designed by teachers, presented by teachers to teachers in your school based on your school’s needs.

Should you require additional information, or wish to book an information briefing to explore what PTCplus has to offer, please contact the PTC NSW office – or 02 9716 0378.

PTCplus filled a niche in our our school-based professional learning planning. They worked in close consultation with our school team to manage the development, administration and delivery of high quality, QTC endorsed courses. The value of PTCplus is knowing that 50% of our staff successfully completed six hours of registered PD onsite for a fraction of the usual cost and more time for our PD team to focus on  school-based courses​. 

– Principal, Canley Vale High School



15 Jan

Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW

The Jazz Course – Doug Goodkin (USA)

Mosman NSW 2088

6 Nov

Information Communication Technology Educators NSW

Term 4 Workshop – OOP 101

Sydney CBD

24 Nov

English Teachers' Association NSW

Conference: Breakthrough  – ideas, resources and connection