Association Support

PTC NSW has developed a wide range of quality services and products to support your association’s needs in 2019 and beyond.

PTConnect is a full functioning Conference App that provides all participants with a professional interface that connects them to your professional learning events and each other. In addition, we can now track participant attendance at each individual workshop via quick QRcode scan.

Organisers can now access a full spreadsheet of all participants’ movements across multiple days and multiple workshops within these days! Having a full record provides associations a record of each participants’ attendance which can be used to provide NESA proof of attendance of participants for accreditation if required. It also allows organisers to ensure that participants receive their full accreditable hours for events with confidence or support a decline of attendance hours.

PTConnect is a powerful compliance tool for all events. Download an Information Sheet or contact PTC NSW Member Services on 02 9716 0378 for more details and our current pricing.



Exciting news for ZOOM enthusiasts – PTC NSW has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications to provide all PTC NSW professional teacher association members, and in turn your members a discounted rate!    ZOOM’s special PTC NSW Discount

These links provide an introduction to Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars.

Contact PTC NSW Member Services on 02 9716 0378 for more details.



Running successful events, especially large-scale events consumes considerable amounts of administration time! Time that can be better utilised in key areas of any organisation. PTC NSW is well aware of the time pressures placed on member associations particularly those who run events using volunteer committee members.

PTC NSW has for some time been exploring IT solutions that could be applied to events to help reduce the many hours of admin normally required to host events and to help stream line the organisation of events for members.

EventsAIR has been adopted by PTC NSW to provide members access to professional IT support for events, particularly large events which will handle the bulk of the admin and record keeping required.

EventsAIR provides the full suite of organisational support from automatic invoicing and reminders, to creating a dedicated website for an event which provides a portal for participation registration, program information, speaker profiles including dedicated conference APP within EventsAIR.

Contact PTC NSW Member Services on 02 9716 0378 for more details.


Open Learning

PTC NSW has partnered with Open Learning to provide a secure managed on-line platform to host member association courses. One of our members has taken the opportunity and posted their first course late last year with great success as over 60 participants have completed the course. Our partnership ensures that member associations are exempt from paying any upfront fees. A flat 15% of turnover is held by OpenLearning for hosting courses and access to the platform and 15% held by PTC NSW for all management leaving a full 70% return of all course volume to member associations.

Courses can be of varying length and accreditation from Proficient to Lead. Courses can be stand alone, or part of a blended approach as either included in a face-to-face course or conference or as an addition following a course or conference. The options are up to you! During 2019 PTC NSW will be hosting a number of practical Help sessions to assist associations begin to access this important space of professional learning. The on-line space also brings an additional income stream to members.

Contact PTC NSW Member Services on 02 9716 0378 for more details.