Do we really matter? Do our actions improve student outcomes and have an impact on their learning and their lives? Do the strategies that we use in the library program have a positive influence on how well the school reaches its goals? These are pressing questions that can be addressed through research, especially the “homegrown” research that decision-makers trust the most. School libraries worldwide are innovating and dramatically shifting practice, particularly since the global pandemic has turned things upside-down. We need to have real plans to assess our successes and share what we are learning. The Canadian School Libraries Research Toolkit was created to address a compelling need for practitioner research in Canada, but we are sure that it is as relevant in New South Wales and all of Australia. The toolkit and other initiatives from Canadian School Libraries may help frame the path forward, post-pandemic.

After attending, participants will have strategies to evaluate their personal teaching and learning programs by integrating research into their practice. Participants will have an understanding of research strategies to gather evidence that they will be able to apply to inform their planning. Action research will be identified as a strategy to evaluate personal teaching and learning programs to assess innovations in practice.

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