Wednesday 30 March and 11 May 2022

Time:9:00 AM -3:00 PM
Venue:MANSW Professional Learning Rooms
67-73 St Hilliers Rd, Auburn 2144
$422 Member; $606 Non-members; $198 Student Members

Please note that registration is through the link at the bottom of this page.

Presented by the MANSW Secondary Consultant of the Mathematical Association of NSW who develop and deliver evidence based professional learning for schools across all sectors on behalf of MANSW

This course will explore the use of appropriate technology (Geogebra and Excel) to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics in the secondary classroom. The emphasis is on teaching for transformational learning and in creating student-centred activities rather than using technology simply as a demonstration tool.

  • Course format: 2 x 1 day sessions.

No prior knowledge of Geogebra or Excel is required but the course is also suited to those who may have had some prior exposure to these applications.

Participants will need to bring a laptop and charger with the latest desktop version of Geogebra installed as well as Microsoft Excel.

It is intended to give participants the tools and confidence to meet the ‘using appropriate technology’ outcomes of the new Stage 6 syllabuses as well as the capability to use Geogebra and Excel in student-centred experiential learning in Stages 4 and 5.

The extended break between the first and second day of this course will allow participants to trial tasks in their classes and to feedback to the group on successes and challenges they faced. The second day will also be an opportunity to share ideas, lesson plans and resources and to delve into more complex functionality of the applications.

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