A Deep Dive into ST6 Pedagogy

When: Thurs 12 & Friday 13 May
Where: Virtual Hybrid Event: In-Person Metro and Online

The Stage 6 Conference aims to develop pedagogical content knowledge, broadening our existing teaching strategies and addressing some of the specific areas of content where teachers feel there is a lack of clarity in the Syllabus.  We will focus on continued improvement in teaching practices to support student performance.

Educational research is impacting our syllabuses.  How do we integrate these influences into our classrooms?   What do we keep doing the same and what do we need to change?

The focus in 2022 will look at some of the big ideas in science education research and the impacts we can enact on our teaching practice.

Hear from key experts presenting current research then join the discussion with fellow teachers to workshop how this can be implemented into your discipline.

Join a range of teachers from varying experience levels along with education experts as we explore novel and creative pedagogical approaches, appropriate and immersive assessment and to improve student preparedness, confidence, and capabilities.

To better support the teaching of the NSW syllabus, the program will be centred around four themes:

Day 1: Thursday 12th May, 2022

  • Theme A: The Teaching Profession
  • Theme B: Engaging students

Day 2: Friday 13th May, 2022

  • Theme C: Assessment and Data
  • Theme D: Thinking Scientifically

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