Writing has been identified as key priority for 2021 in NSW. The English Teachers’ Association is continuing the discussion initiated by NESA’s Thematic Review on Writing with a view to raising the standard of writing in schools. A panel of experts offering a range of perspectives on teaching writing forms the opening session of a series of online webinars for English teachers. This is a valuable and important opportunity for teachers and school leaders together to discuss the state of writing in NSW schools with a panel of experts. The recording of this meeting will be available for a limited time.

NSW registrants: Subject to NESA criteria for elective professional development (to be published before Term 1, 2021), you may wish to include your attendance at this online webinar as 1.5 hours towards your 100 hours of PD. As NESA states on their website: “Until transition arrangements are available, you should continue to attend, complete, log and evaluate PD to ensure that it contributes towards your PD requirements.”

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