Covering the new topics of Vectors and Statistics in the new HSC Extension courses as well as assorted new content to these courses including differential equations, nature and language of proof, pigeonhole principle, inverse composite functions, multiplicity of roots and Euler’s formula. The course will be run as 3 x 1 day sessions – Mondays: 4, 11 and 18 May, 8.30am – 3.30pm

  • Vectors (Extension 1 and 2) :
    • Introduction to Vectors; Proof with Vectors; Unit Vectors; Scalar product; Angle Between Vectors.
    • Vector Treatment of Projectile; Vector Equation of Line; 3 Dimensional Vectors.
  • Assorted Topics (Extension 1):
    • Products and Sums Identities; Average Rates of Change; Differential Equations; Pigeonhole Principle; ‘False’ Proof by Induction.
  • Functions (Extension 1):
    • Inverse Functions (including inverse composite functions); multiplicity of roots; parametrics of circles; graphing advanced functions.
  • Statistics (Extension 1):
    • Bernoulli and Binomial Distribution; Sample Distributions.
  • Extension 2 Topics::
    • Mechanics (refresh and projectile motion in resisting medium); nth roots of any complex number; Euler’s Form of complex number; Nature and Language of Proof.

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