New research reveals watching just seven minutes of “beauty content” in one session on TikTok and Instagram is enough for young people to experience significant shame and anxiety about their appearance.

Veya will share preliminary findings of her research and provide practical strategies that are showing promise in curbing the impact of social media on body satisfaction.

Presenter Dr Veya Seekis, lecturer and researcher, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University completed her Ph.D. in psychology at Griffith University and is now a lecturer and researcher within Griffith Health.

Veya’s research is centred around body image in young people and focuses on three keys areas:

  • how appearance-related social media interacts with, and influences, young peoples’ body image,
  • how objectification processes, such as body checking, appearance anxiety and shame operate in young people and
  • the role that self-compassion plays in preventing negative body image as well as promoting positive body image.

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