Available Late September 2020

Understanding the focus of the Landscapes and Landforms unit is key for effectively teaching Stage 4 Geography in NSW. This professional development course, created by Paul Batten and Katerina Stojanovksi on behalf of GTA NSW & ACT, examines strong approaches to teaching about Landscapes and Landforms. The course explores landscapes and landforms, value of landscapes and landforms, changing landscapes, landscape management and protection and geomorphic hazard

The purpose of the course is to build teachers’ understanding of these key ideas. By completing the learning activities participants will demonstrate their capacity to create engaging Geography lessons.

Skills developed in this course include: applying knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of Geography to develop engaging teaching activities (NESA Standard 2.1.2), using effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful (NESA Standard 2.6.2) and contributing to collegial discussions to improve professional knowledge and practice (NESA Standard 6.3.2).

Various post contributions are compulsory in the courses. Participants who do no post once in each of them do not successfully complete the task. The nature of posts is made clear to the participants, and every post is overseen. Minimum posting is once for each particular item. There are multiple posts in each course.

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