This Teach Meet has the goal of providing workshopping and networking opportunities, specifically related to secondary research, for beginning teachers supporting students through Society and Culture coursework and their major work, the ‘Personal Interest Project’. Experienced teachers are also encouraged attend, to share their knowledge, experience and network with other teachers in the Sydney area.

The first component of the meet will address Academic research- including establishing a conceptual basis for what should be considered academic within the stage 6 context.

The second portion of the meet will be led by Megan Perry, Manager of Learning Services at State Library of NSW, with the aim of familiarising teachers with hidden features of the library’s online catalogue. Building skills and knowledge in this area will work to enrich teacher planning and scaffolding for developing students ethical research skills.

The third portion of the meet will be workshopping dedicated to discussing academic research, sharing resources relevant to research and the Personal Interest Project, and developing literacy strategies that support research synthesis and effective writing for the Personal Interest Project.


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