ATO Tax Time 2020 – Teacher and Education Professional Resource Kit

The ATO has prepared a range of resources to assist people in the education industry during this difficult period.

As many individual’s working situations may have changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is now more important than ever that teachers understand how to best prepare and lodge their tax returns, to ensure they claim their applicable deductions. The ATO has launched its Tax Time 2020 campaign to help teachers and education professionals understand how to best prepare and lodge their tax returns.

We are hoping to reach out to as many teachers and education professionals as possible with the attached resource kit and would really appreciate your support in sharing this across your website, newsletter and/or social media networks.

We have attached a number of specific resources you can share. These include:

  1. Teachers Tax Time Poster – This poster provides helpful information on which expenses teachers can and cannot claim at tax time.
  2. Education Sector Toolkit – This toolkit contains two posters (one for teachers and one for office workers). It also contains a general work-related expense guide for the education sector.
  3. Pre-drafted social media posts and a newsletter article that you can include in your relevant communication channels, also available on page 9 and 10 of the education toolkit. If you require these posts in another format, please let us know and we will be more than happy to provide this.

Also and in light of the current situation, the ATO will be implementing a series of administrative measures to further assist Australian businesses currently experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Please visit for more information on the different relief measures available to businesses.

Tax Time Toolkit- Education Professionals

Teacher Poster