Many children and young people will experience a traumatic event by the age of 16.

Many schools now adopt whole school trauma-informed approaches.

Understanding and recognising the potential impact of trauma on student learning in PDHPE is important.

Professor Martin will provide an overview of trauma-informed practice, including key principles, strategies, and common barriers and solutions for schools when implementing trauma-informed practice.

Explore practical ways to plan safe lessons for all, as well as support students who have experienced trauma.

Presenter Professor Karen Martin, University of Tasmania is a Professor in Trauma-Informed Pedagogy in the School of Education. In addition to promoting awareness of the impact of trauma, her areas of expertise include child and adolescent mental health, psychological and post-traumatic distress, and family and domestic violence. Professor Martin founded the WA Trauma-informed And Restorative Schools Collaboration (TARSC) and is the Chief Investigator on Thoughtful Schools Program team.

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