Schedule of charges

Schedule of Charges – Effective March 2019

Association administration $58.00 per hour
Accounts/bookkeeping (BAS Service) $78.00 per hour
Conference management $65.00 per hour
Graphic design/ Desktop publishing $68.00 per hour
Professional Learning Accreditation (per participant – per event) $7.00 per person
Website management $75.00 per hour
Website development By quote
PTConnect App Subscription per year (incl. 5 events per year) 3500.00 per year
Events Air App (for events and conferences managed by PTC NSW member services) 350.00 per event
Event Air Conference Website (for conferences managed by PTC NSW member services) 500.00 per event
Conference stationery package By Quote
Envelope – DL 0.18 per unit
Envelope – C5 0.20 per unit
Envelope – A4 0.25 per unit
Jiffy Bags – small $1.30 per unit
Jiffy Bags – medium $1.90 per unit
Jiffy Bags – large $2.60 per unit
Presentation white folders $2.00 per unit
Name Tags (includes pin holders + business card) $2.00 per unit
Name Tags (includes plain lanyards + wallet) $3.00 per unit
Name Tags (includes printed lanyard + wallet) $3.50 per unit
S/sided A4 BW .20 per page
D/sided A4 B/W .30 per page
S/sided A4 Colour .30 per page
D/sided A4 Colour .50 per page
S/sided A3 B/W .30 per page
D/sided A3 B/W .40 per page
S/sided A3 Colour .40 per page
D/sided A3 Colour .60 per page
Colour printing on A4 certificate paper .85 per unit
Labels 1.25 per sheet
Printing with staples .05 per set
A4 paper $1.85 per sheet
A3 paper $2.85 per sheet
Fax Stream (@per A4 page per fax number) 0.20
Fax Stream (Non-member) (@per A4 page per fax number) 0.35
Postage & Handling Actual cost to PTC
Courier Charges from invoice As per invoice


Professional Learning Accreditation (per person per event)                                             $7.00



PTC NSW supports member associations by offering competitive rates for member services by eliminating several employer expenses.

  • Fees and charges subject to change without prior notice.
  • All prices are exclusive of GST.
  • *Contact PTC NSW for further information.