MANSW Education Consultant Ruth Glasgow will be the presenter.

The teaching mathematics Stage 5 course will be delivered as 3 x 1.5-hour sessions online.

The workshop will provide teachers with an understanding of the Stage 5 syllabus while exploring different teaching approaches, incorporating working mathematically and investigations across different topic areas in their classroom. Provided in this workshop will be practical hands on activities that are ready to use in the classroom.

During this workshop participants will:

  • explore the continuum of key ideas in the mathematics 7 -12 syllabuses paying attention to where these ideas in Stage 5 go in Stage 6
  • create diagnostic items to assist with planning in the classroom
  • explore effective teaching strategies across the Stage 5 syllabus (algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and probability)
  • explore programming the Stage 5 course across the different pathways
  • familiarise themselves with different assessment techniques and investigations in mathematics
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