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Theme: Working Scientifically

Come join in the discussions and hear from our guest speakers

Helen Georgiou – UOW

Dr Helen Georgiou (UOW lecturer in Science Education, former science teacher and curriculum writer) presents the ‘Working Scientifically’ learning continuum. Although the different aspects of the Working Scientifically skills are specified in the NSW syllabus, it isn’t always clear what this looks like and how best to support students in developing these skills across the stages.

This step-by-step walkthrough of the learning continuum for Working Scientifically aims to clarify how skills are expected to build across the years, and what to be wary of.


Jenny English – DOENSW

Jennifer English is Manager of Online Student Assessment at the NSW Department of Education.  Prior to moving into online assessment, Jennifer had over 20 years’ experience as a Science Teacher and Head Teacher in NSW Schools.

Jenny will look at diagnostic testing the working scientifically outcomes using the VALID Science and Technology 6 assessment for Stage 3 students.


Anjali Rao – YS Coordinator


STANSW Young Scientist Awards program – encouraging students to work scientifically

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