An opportunity for secondary science teachers to join with teachers of Stage 6, academics, and researchers to refine our approach to the current syllabuses across all Science courses.

The event is focused on refining approaches to the Stage 6 courses to improve pedagogy, increase the depth of Modules and to broaden the existing teaching strategies.

Program Outline
The conference is divided into six course strands; Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Investigating Science, Physics and Science Extension. There is scope for delegates to attend sessions across strands.

Each session will explore ways of teaching Stage 6 to best prepare students for the HSC and to cater to all learners, increase student interest and retention, and improve student capabilities and performance. This will be achieved through a focus on pedagogy, assessment, HSC preparation, depth studies and incorporating relevant and contemporary scientific research and academia. Sessions will be module-specific within each course.


As a requirement of your elective professional development if you wish to log the Conference hours against the stated standards there is an Implementation Session for you to attend scheduled for Tuesday November 16, 5:30 –7pm. A zoom link will be sent to all participants.

Benefits for participants:

  • Links to research and evidence base for deep learning
  • Teaching and learning illustrations of practice
  • Advice on sequences of learning, assessment, and depth studies
  • Practical tools to evaluate the impact on student learning
  • Audience:
  • Levels:
  • Subject | KLA:
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