Hear from speakers on the topic of applying Working Scientifically Skills in the primary classroom with special guest Shirley Casper updating us on curriculum reform and the K-6 Science & Technology Syllabus.

Shirley Casper

Currently working at NESA as the Subject Matter Expert, Science and Technology K-6, developing the post-curriculum reform syllabus, Shirley has had teaching experience in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education. Over the past few years Shirley developed 64 STEM activities for K-6, was part of the team developing the Stage 6 science syllabuses – in particular ‘Investigating Science’ and ‘Science Extension’ and worked with examination committees to produce HSC papers. (30mins)

During the PTN meeting Shirley will update us on the syllabus development happening as a result of the curriculum review with a Q&A

Philippa Miller
AIS Teaching and Learning consultant Philippa Miller, will share us ways to working scientifically within real-world context.

Sophie Poisel
Sophie is Assistant Principal at Lindfield Learning Village, a new K-12 state school in NSW with an innovative educational model established in January 2019.  Sophie who was also a recipient of the coveted Premier’s Prize for Innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) Teaching in NSW, will share with us some of their exciting STEM programs currently being run at the school.

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