In the Patterns and Place Value in the K-3 Classroom Online course, delivered through Zoom, participants will explore current research and concentrate on important mathematical concepts, or ‘big ideas’, and the knowledge and skills that go with those concepts.

Teachers will review work samples from research on lesson sequences around mathematical ‘big ideas’ and focus on problem solving provide cohesive learning opportunities that allow students to explore the concepts of patterns and place value in the K-3 classroom or online, in depth. The content and pedagogical approaches in this course have been created to assist teachers working in an online environment to implement effective teaching and learning practices.

By looking at work samples taken from Australian research from Joanne Mulligan and Angela Rodgers, teachers will investigate and discuss initial understandings, recognise and identify progression of concepts and review and innovate or design some resources that are relevant to supporting skills in the areas of patterns and place value.

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