Presenter is Fiona Foley, MANSW Education Consultant

This two-part online workshop (2 x 2 hours) will look at “What is A Number Talk?” and “How to create a learning environment where all students are encouraged to develop and express their mathematical ideas clearly.”

The aim of the workshop is to support teachers in building a whole new perspective on mathematics and engaging students in creative, open mathematical thinking by establishing Number Talks in the K-6 classroom. Research by Cathy Humphreys and Sherry Parrish, Pam Weber Harris and others.

Participants will develop strategies and action plans in K – 2 Number Talks, such as:

• Develop Number Sense.

• Develop fluency with small numbers.

• Subitizing
• Making Tens

Participants will develop strategies to support and understand students’ thinking in Years 3- 6 through Number Talks with a focus on:

• Foster number sense.

• Develop place value.

• Number Fluency.

• Properties of operations.

• Connecting mathematical ideas

Number Talks are a wonderful way for teachers to develop a toolkit of ideas to build the working mathematically components of communication, problem solving, reasoning, understanding and fluency.

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