During the workshop, participants will develop strategies and action plans in K – 2 Number Talks, such as:

  • Develop Number Sense.
  • Develop fluency with small numbers.
  • Subitizing
  • Making Tens

Participants will develop strategies to support and understand students’ thinking in Years 3- 6 through Number Talks with a focus on:

  • Foster number sense.
  • Develop place value.
  • Number Fluency.
  • Properties of operations.
  • Connecting mathematical ideas

During this workshop you will learn how to model Number Talks use the strategies and techniques of conducting mathematical number talks and number strings to enable students to grapple with number relationships, analyse their justifications and explanations, to communicate and solidify these critical understandings. We will unravel questioning techniques and how to explore ‘big ideas’ in mathematics discussions. Teachers will take home strategies, ideas and resources to immediately start Number Talks in their classroom to build numerical and algebraic reasoning with students.

Facilitated by Fiona Foley, K-8 Professional Learning Consultant for MANSW

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