Presenter is Fiona Foley, MANSW Education Consultant

Number talks are an instructional routine (5–15 minutes) that focus on building student’s relational thinking when using mental mathematical computational thinking.

Have you started Number Talks and need to ‘Dig Deeper’? This two-hour online workshop builds on “Number Talks in the K-6 Classroom”, digging more deeply into strategies, planning, ‘mistakes’ and problems that can arise when implementing Number Talks. Issues like deciding which questions teachers can use during Number Talks to help elicit student thinking and invite student engagement. Or discussing how to get students to ‘come up with new strategies’ and PLAY with mathematics.

This two-hour workshop supports teachers who are already using the instructional routine of number talks, but want to know more!

Number Talks strategies and techniques for conducting deep mathematical discussions enable students to grapple with number relationships, analyse their justifications and explanations, and to communicate and solidify these critical understandings.

Developing clarity and depth for teachers by digging into discussion dilemmas, questions and ideas to build teacher knowledge and understanding and engage students in creative, open mathematical thinking using Number Talks in the K-6 classroom. Research by Cathy Humphreys and Sherry Parrish, Pam Weber Harris and others.

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