Are you new to the Careers Advising role in a NSW high school? This is the day for you!!!

Please note – this day is for Careers Advisers in NSW high schools only (or those who have recently finished a tertiary qualification in Careers education seeking a role in a NSW high school) and preference will be given to Careers Advisers who are new to the Careers Advising role in the last 3 years. ACT members are welcome to register, however, some topics  throughout the day are more relevant for NSW Careers Advisers.

The topics to be covered include:

  • The Role & Responsibilities of the Career Adviser;
  • Framework for Career Education in High Schools;
  • The Year in Brief – When things happen throughout the year and what you need to know about them;
  • Programming for Careers Advisers;
  • Professional Development for Careers Advisers;
  • Work Experience – methods for implementing a program;
  • Resources for Careers Advisers – what’s available to make your life easier and assist you in your Careers Advising role;
  • Australian Professional Standards for Careers Advisers.

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