This workshop is an opportunity for teachers to reflect on the strategies they teach in the Year 3 – 8 classrooms to support multiplicative thinking and reasoning for their students. Exploring research from Australian and International mathematicians, including Professor Dianne Siemon [RMIT Melbourne] and Pam Webber-Harris [USA], we will look at the strategies that need to be embedded in primary and middle years learning to support students as they build their flexible mathematical thinking skills.

During this one-day workshop we will build on pedagogical knowledge about additive and multiplicative thing strategies, explore what comes before and what comes after with each stage from the syllabus, and delve into an array of strategies, activities and ideas to support teachers in the 3 – 8 classroom.

With hands-on resources to take back to the classroom teachers will have some collaboratively built strategies and activities to help move students from additive to multiplicative thinking. Enabling students to make their thinking and reasoning of multiplication strategies explicit and visible will support the teaching and learning outcomes in Years 3 – 8 classrooms

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