Online event – Sunday 15 November, – 11.30

Dr Feierabend is considered a world leading expert in music and movement development. He is passionate about developing all individuals to be tuneful, beatful, and artful. Through his teachings and research, Dr Feierabend has developed two music methods – First Steps in Music for early childhood – early primary, and Conversational Solfege – a music literacy program for primary and high school students.

Due to the dynamic flux of Music education this year in NSW and the current constraints to singing, we have decided a Movement workshop would be ideal to upskill us all for the future. In this workshop, participants will learn about Dr Feierabend’s approach to movement, including Movement Exploration, Movement for Form and Expression (also known as Move Its) and Beat Motions with Classical Music.

Dr Feierabend will step participants through his three approaches to movement: movement exploration, movement for form and expression and beat motion activities. Participants will learn how to use movement activities in their classroom to help their students to develop a movement vocabulary and develop their gross motor skills and movement creativity

Participants will be asked to record their attendance by writing their name in the chat and attendance will be cross checked by a committee member.

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