• Group Performance Devising for the HSC

The 2020 Group Performance Devising for the HSC Professional Learning event will specifically look at strategies to effectively manage and program the Group Devised component of the HSC Syllabus. The course will also address how to accurately mark Group Performances at a HSC level. It is also a terrific opportunity for educators across the state to gain a deeper understanding of syllabus outcomes and group performance marking criteria.

Participants will be led through a variety of strategies by accomplished Drama Teachers and participate in workshop activities that explore devising techniques. There will also be a part of the day devoted to clarifying the marking criteria and how to complete the HSC marking criteria by designing effective and accurate Assessment tasks at an internal school level using the terminology from the marking criteria. Furthermore, participants will be guided through professional, collegial discussions, led by Drama experts, which will include many teachers that have been a part of the NESA HSC marking process, Head Teachers of Drama and Highly Accomplished Drama Practitioners.

The purpose of this professional learning experience is to empower participants with the skills and knowledge to lead the process in the classroom and confidently mark their own students’ work, to a standard that is of an HSC level.

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