This year ETA have decided to trial Webinars for students as a replacement for the traditional Extension 2 student day held in March. In this way we hope to meet the needs of rural and regional students who have found travelling to Sydney expensive and time-consuming.

Presenter Lucy Solomon is a highly experienced and successful Extension 2 teacher who will provide insights into significant sections of the Extension 2 course.


  1. Mid-term 1 and where are you at with your Major Work?
  • Time management
  • Have you started thinking about the Reflection Statement?
  • Are you continuing to read and research your form and concept?
  • How are you using your Journal?
  1. Insights and information about key elements of the Extension 2 course:

     The Literature Review:

  • How does this fit in with the Extension 2 course?
  • What is required in the Review?
  • How will you use your research for this Review?
  • How will you compose this Review?
  • How can you get information and ideas on writing?

     Critique of the Creative Process

  • How does this fit in with the Extension 2 course?
  • What is required in the Critique?
  • What are the key questions you need to consider in this Critique?
  • How do you best evaluate your revision and editing stages?

    The Reflection Statement

  • How important is this in the final HSC mark?
  • When is the best time to start?
  • What are the key features of a Reflection Statement?
  • What distinguishes a successful Reflection Statement?
  • How can you best use the Marking Criteria for the Reflection Statement?

How to register for this event:  Please send your completed registration form via fax: 02 9572 9534 or email:

NOTE: Online Registrations are not available for this event

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