• Drama NSW 2 Day State Conference – Leading the Way

Friday 15 and Saturday 16 May, 09:00AM – 17:00PM each day

The start of 2020 sees the beginning of a new decade. We face a future of complex change in the form of social upheaval, the re – emergence of populism, cultural dislocation, globalisation, technological disruption and climate change. Educators across all subjects and sectors face enormous challenges in helping their students navigate this uncertain landscape.

The purpose of the conference is to inspire Drama teachers in K-12, and to enrich their teaching practice and provide practical guidance and steps for sessions, targeted at the Syllabus and teaching standards.


This two-day conference is a terrific opportunity for educators across all sectors of the Drama community to collaborate with each other and share innovative teaching and learning practices. The program is a rich and diverse one, featuring many exciting national and international practitioners. It provides an opportunity for drama educators to reflect on teaching practice and implement new strategies that reflect current best practice

There will be a range of keynote presentations, as well as workshop presenters, all teachers and industry experts will be leading teachers at the forefront of current practice and expert knowledge, this will include many teachers that have been a part of the NESA marking process for Year 12, as well as Head Drama teachers.


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