Wednesday 4 May 2022

Time:9:00 AM -3:00 PM
Venue:MANSW Professional Learning Rooms
67-73 St Hilliers Rd, Auburn 2144
$211 Members; $303 Non-members

Presenter is Fiona Foley, MANSW Education Consultant

Rich mathematical tasks are essential for engaging learners and creating dynamic classrooms.

In this one-day course on Rich Tasks, participants will explore activities, strategies and tools to engage students in mathematics while building content and concept knowledge.

Participants will delve into the ‘big ideas’ of rich mathematical tasks:

  • Ensuring tasks are accessible to all learners (“low floor, high ceiling”)
  • That tasks have ‘real life’ application of maths concepts
  •  Tasks offer multiple approaches and representations
  • Rich tasks build on collaboration and discussion within the classroom
  • Build engagement, curiosity, and creativity
  • Making connections within and across topics
  • Programming for rich tasks
  • Offer opportunities for extension for students
  • Rich tasks as a formative assessment too

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