Biology, Earth & Environmental, Investigating Science

Friday 27 & Saturday 28 November at UNSW School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences

Friday 27 November  – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and perspectives

Saturday 28 November  – Future Focus

In partnership with UNSW School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Join us and ‘Be Inspired’ at our annual BEEINS Conference, exploring the K-6 Science & Technology and 7-12 Biology, Earth and Environmental and Investigating Science Syllabi. We learn about life from the core of the earth to its upper atmosphere, exploring cells as the basis of life, genetics and infectious diseases, the planet on which we live, sustainability of our natural resources and what’s required for scientific thinking to understand the environment and world around us.

Our 2020 conference has a dual focus covering lessons from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and looking to the future – what it holds and how we can shape it. We’ll be exploring lessons from the past and what they teach us for today and diving deep into innovations for the future.

Hosted by the UNSW School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences in the extraordinary new BEES building and supported by numerous academics sharing both their advances in research and their teaching skills in a range of streamed workshops, including practical workshops.

Note a separate K-6 Primary program stream will be offered with a focus on Syllabus Strands : Living World, Earth & Space, incorporating Digital Technologies.

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