Join us for an engaging series of webinar–based discussions around what makes leaders successful in the current educational climate.

This four part series will offer you the chance to gain a deeper understanding of leadership style, obtain greater clarity on how you interact as a leader and reflect on how you may be perceived in your role.

Respecting your time commitments, for each session you will complete a brief pre-work exercise (encompassing 30 minutes for session and activity) in preparation for our live Q&A forums (30 minutes – 1 hour).

Throughout the series you will hear how educational leaders thrive and grow into their roles, in addition to how to apply your new learning to your current situation. Offering you foundations to understand your strengths and position yourself as a senior guide and professional within your school, live sessions compliment your learning, whilst providing an opportunity to have your questions answered.

Whether you are in a leadership role or seeking to progress towards one in the future, you will be able to improve your current interactions, respond and awareness through this series.

Live session dates as follows
June 9 – Session 1: Introduction to Leadership values and traits in education
June 16 – Session 2: Leadership Styles
June 23 – Session 3: Stakeholders in education
June 30 – Session 4: Action planning and next steps

About the Presenter

Kathryn Taylor
CMF HFTGN CAHRI MACE BEd Grad. Cert. Career Dev. Prac.
Director of Turning Point Consulting, a Centre of Excellence: Leadership, Change & Wellbeing
Executive Director and Lead for Education with Wellbeing Australia
Expert in Education and Wellbeing for ACPi

Energised by change and creating optimism in uncertainty, Kathryn works with individuals, businesses and educational institutions to identify potential by increased motivation and wellbeing. With over 20 years of professional experience across many sectors, her skills are in coaching and developing through proactive and meaningful professional development. Educating others in leadership, wellbeing and careers, she values the recognition she has receive both locally and globally in response to her work.

Over the past 20 years, she has worked in human resources, leadership and coaching within corporate and educational settings. Working across K–12 in Department, Catholic and Independent schools with leadership, staff, students and community to embed positive professional development encompassing personal evaluation, planning and transition, enabling individuals in developing resilience, empowerment, motivation and engagement.

She has received recognition for her work in educational leadership with a focus on transition for staff and students, these include an Honorary Fellowship from the Teachers Guild of NSW and a Career Management Fellowship from
ICCI in respect for global work.


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