Thursday 23 JULY 2020


Earlier this week the NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell’s media release outlined a review by NESA of more than 42,000 professional development courses, commencing immediately.

For decades the professional teacher associations of NSW have been offering quality professional development across all sectors and systems. Professional development that has been created by teachers, delivered by teachers based on teacher and school needs across all KLA’s and stages, and to support the outcomes for all NSW students in all schools.

All NSW teachers must do 100 hours of professional development approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority every five years in order to maintain their accreditation to teach in the state’s school.

The Professional Teachers Council of NSW (PTCNSW) continues to support the accreditation of quality professional learning programs of member associations via the PTCNSW’s Professional Learning Committee, which monitors all professional learning applications and provides professional advice and guidance to member associations, ensuring NESA accreditation compliance for Provisional, Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher.

Ms Mitchell said, “…from next year each individual course will need to demonstrate a genuine focus on improving teaching in the classroom through best practice to receive accreditation.”

The Minister stated, “It is crucial that this time is spent productively – with teachers engaging in activities that actually help their practice,” and further that “I have asked NESA to undertake an immediate review of their process for professional development provider accreditation and their courses. “I want our teachers to be able to access the best professional development courses possible, providing them ongoing improvement in their vital role as educators for the students of NSW.”

PTCNSW is confident that the quality professional learning provided by professional teacher associations (PTAs) across NSW already reflects the Minister’s statement. PTAs have historically responded to teacher voice via direct contact through their professional membership, ensuring flexibility to respond to teacher’s needs, across all KLA’s, addressing pedagogy, the constant changes in educational directions, curriculum reviews and political imperatives.

The Professional Teachers Council looks forward to supporting the review of the 42,000 NESA accredited courses as we continue to support the quality professional learning from the many professional teacher associations across NSW by providing quality professional learning opportunities for all teachers, across all KLA’s, all stages, all sectors and systems, and ultimately meeting the needs of students in all NSW schools.