PTC NSW introduces ‘Classin’ – a powerful tool to empower online learning

At last – a relatable virtual classroom …

Due to the Covid-19 situation schools are now looking at online platforms to support their students. In light of this PTC NSW would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Classin.

A virtual classroom that is relatable, dependable, supportive and flexible for both students and teachers K–12.

Classin is worth serious consideration as a potential online support and to trial, particularly in these very trying times for educators and learners.

PTC NSW in conjunction with SmartStone and their Sydney based technology office, are able to provide Classin for NSW schools as their preferred virtual classroom platform.

Classin launched in 2017 and by 2018 five thousand plus schools and institutions had adopted Classin as their online learning platform. By 2019 three million users a month across 120 countries were online and now in 2020 two million users per day across over 150 countries rely on Classin – it is now available to teachers and students in NSW.

A link to: Advantages of Classin over Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom – the comparative table speaks for itself.


The YouTube clip provides information on using Class in to Teach Maths Online …

…  and also a downloadable Classin presentation Everything You Need for Online Learning

PTC NSW is offering free use of Class in until the end of Term 2 2020

Time to trial, time to experiment and time for student and staff feedback.

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