NOBOOK – The Virtual Laboratory


Due to Covid-19 schools are now looking to online platforms to support their teachers and students

In light of this situation PTC NSW would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Virtual Laboratory – designed to make teaching easier!

PTC NSW in conjunction with SmartStone Technologies bring the science laboratory to life virtually! Particularly relevant in this online world we now find ourselves.

Physics has nine sectors including electricity, magnetism, optics, thermals, acoustics, force and motion with more than over 300 experiments and manipulations for students to fully engage with.

Chemistry brings to life a range of experiments not able to be carried out in any classroom. Over 110 experiments utilising 250 chemicals and 150 classic experimental resources at your fingertips.


Biology brings the world of content to the virtual classroom.

All the virtual spaces allow for student differentiation, teacher input and provides teachers with records of the student experiments and progress.

No risk, no equipment required – just let the student apply the knowledge their science teacher has provided, experiment, explore and document all in a safe virtual space.

Additional experiments and content is being developed and added to the list of already impressive activities.

If you are interested in using NOBOOK Virtual Laboratory we can offer a free 1 month trial. Reduced costings are available through PTC NSW  – contact our Promotions Manager – for more information.