Civics and Citizenship Curriculum Resources



Parliament in pictures

Looking for an eye-catching visual introduction to the key concepts of parliamentary education? The Parliament in pictures resource includes ten large posters and a classroom guide. It is a great way to teach parliament to upper primary and secondary students of all language abilities, including EAL students.

Each poster has minimal text and accessible images, and is linked to the Years 5 to 10 Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum. They are supported by a comprehensive classroom guide. Teachers can bring each poster alive with links to further resources and a range of classroom activities suitable for students of all levels and abilities.

Parliament in Pictures explores the following topics:

  • three levels of government
  • the Australian Parliament
  • the House of Representatives
  • the Senate
  • choosing members
  • choosing senators
  • forming government
  • law-making
  • separation of powers
  • the Australian Constitution



Get Parliament

An easy-to-understand booklet which explores Australia’s system of government and how Parliament works. Get Parliament is perfect for teaching parliamentary units in the classroom and is a comprehensive introduction for anyone with an interest in Parliament.

Senate and House of Representatives posters

These large posters show the Senate and the House of Representatives chambers of Parliament House, Canberra. They are ideal for display in the classroom and provide students who have not visited Parliament House with a sense of the colour and size of the two houses of the Australian Parliament.

Videos for Teachers

Immerse students in the Australian Parliamentary process by creating a parliament in your classroom. These videos show you how to debate in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and how to investigate bills and issues in committees.

Topics include:

  • Role-play the Parliament: House of Representatives
  • Role-play the Parliament: The Senate
  • Role-play the Parliament: Committee
  • Role-play the Parliament: The role-play in action

Quizzes aligned to the Civics and Citizenship curriculum about the Australian Parliament
Topics include:

  • the three levels of government,
  • separation of powers and,
  • the Australian Constitution


The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) are leaders in Civics and Citizenship Education in Australia.