2021 OBTA Nomination Form

2021 OBTA Nomination Form


Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award

The Institute for Educational Leadership in Australia (IELA) will recognise the outstanding contribution to a Professional Teachers’ Association by an individual Board / Committee member, with five or fewer years teaching experience in NSW.

This award will be presented by the Professional Teacher Council of New South Wales (PTC NSW).

Recipients of the award for 2021 will be announced on World Teachers Day, Friday 29 October 2021.

Associations can nominate more than one teacher for the Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award, a separate nomination form is required for each nominee.

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  • 2021 OBTA Guidelines

    1. To be eligible for consideration the individual nominated should:

    have worked in a voluntary capacity

    be a financial member of the nominating Association,

    be serving, or have served, as an elected or co-opted Board/Committee member during the current calendar year

    have made an outstanding contribution to the Association's support of teachers and their students in NSW during their first five years of teaching:

    Examples of how the nominee may have contributed to the association could include;

    - journal and/or newsletter editor

    - professional development coordinator

    - award coordinator

    - accreditation coordinator

    - ICT coordinator

    - financial management

    - developing teaching and learning resouces for the Association

    2. To be eligible for consideration by the Awards Committee nominations must be:

    submitted online using the 2021 OBTA Nomination form

    in recognition of an individual,

    signed by the Association's current President as nominator and another current office bearer as seconder. In case of the nominee being the current President, or in the absence of the President, signed by two current office bearers of the Association as nominator and seconder,

    accompanied by a citation of a minimum 100 to a maximum of 175 words outlining the reason/s for the award, uploaded at the time of the nomination in a WORD format document.

    received by the closing date.

    3. Incomplete nominations, those without supporting citation (minimum 100 to maximum 175 words) and briefing notes, in non-standard format or those received/sent after the dates and times indicated under the heading below Lodgement Steps will not be considered by the PTC NSW Awards Committee. Joint nomination of two people for one award will not be considered.

    4. Previous recipients of an Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award are not eligible to be nominated again. However, this does not exclude the recipient of an Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award from being nominated again after their fifth year for the Outstanding Professional Service Award.

    5. Unsuccessful nominations for an Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award from previous years are eligible for nomination to the current award.

    6. The decision of the awards committee will be final.

    1. Lodgement step

    Closing date: Friday 22 October 2021 by 5pm.

    Lodge your application form online

    2. Acknowledgement of Receipt

    The PTC NSW Office will acknowledge the receipt of each application within one week of its receipt. If receipt of your application has not been acknowledged within this timeframe please contact the PTC NSW Office.

    3. Successful Nominees

    Nominees will be notified by email by Friday 29th October 2021 of the PTC NSW Awards Committee’s decision regarding the success or otherwise of their nomination.

    4. Adherence to Guidelines

    Strict adherence to the Guidelines will be applied. Late or incomplete nominations will not be considered by the PTC NSW Awards Committee.

    5. Future Opportunities

    The Outstanding Beginning Teacher Awards will be presented annually, however Associations should not feel obliged to nominate a person(s) each year.