2023 AOTY - Association #1 - Selection Panel Rating Form

  • Selection Criteria

    Each application will be judged against each individual section as set out in the criteria listed below and a score will be allocated for each section

    The application with the highest total out of a possible 60 will be the recipient of the Minister for Education 'Association of the Year' Award.

    Should more than one nomination have an identical highest score nominations will be rejudged until one receives the highest score.

    Each panel member is to rank the individual application section by section - there are 6 sections in total.

    The rating for each section is on a 0-10 scale with 0 the lowest score indicating the supporting evidence did not meet the criteria, with 10 the highest rating where the evidence supporting the criteria met or exceeded the criteria.

    Each panel member is to rank the evidence statements for each of the three applications individually and make any additional comments per nomination.

    Panel members retain their rankings as confidential.

    Please have all rankings submitted by the close of business Friday 24th November 2023.

    Once all panel members have submitted their completed rankings a Zoom meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th November 2023 at 5.30pm to discuss the three nominations.

    Based on the combined ratings score from all committee members and subsequent discussions a winner will be decided.

    The winning association will remain confidential until announced at the PTC NSW Awards evening.

  • Outline the relationship between your Mission and Vision statements and how your association applies them.

    (maximum 500 words)

  • Describe and comment on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the association's governance structure, constitution, risk identification and management, director’s safe guards around confidentiality, code of conduct and conflict of interest policies and procedures.

    Demonstrate your association’s financial management, commenting on: transparency, systems and practices, performance and goals.

    (maximum 500 words)

  • Outline areas including succession planning, board committee engagement, volunteer and or staff roles and policies, culture and leadership opportunities.

    (maximum 500 words)

  • Describe your success, goals, achievements and innovations in the areas of:

    membership, member services, professional learning opportunities, key messages, evaluations, stakeholder engagement and advocacy.

    Outline the intention, marketing, integration, member and stakeholder engagement, planning and strategy related to mission, vision and values.

    (maximum 500 words)

  • Discuss the application of technologies including their impact on members and the association’s ability to provide high quality services (and products).

    (maximum 500 words)

  • Summative statement on the overall relevance, significance and value of the work of your Association.

    (800 words)