The Professor Dame Marie Bashir Medal

This prestigious award, in honour of the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW patron Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, was presented for the first time in 2016.

The medal is awarded to a member of the teaching profession who has shown outstanding leadership in the field of education.

Nerina Pretlove 2016

Nerina Pretlove has demonstrated a substantial commitment to PTC NSW. She has been a Director of PTC NSW since its early inception as the Joint Council of Professional Teaching Associations (JCPTA) NSW. During this time, she has had various roles including Vice-President and President. While a director of the Board, Nerina has led and engaged in all levels of professional teaching association activities involving governance, advocacy, policy development, research, professional learning, publications and communications.
She has also represented PTC NSW for a number of years at the national level as a member of the board of APTA, the Australian Professional Teachers’ Association where she has represented the interests of Australian teachers and Teacher Associations at overseas meetings relating to teaching associations and professional learning.

Nerina has represented NSW teachers in numerous forums and committees and is also a Ministerial appointment to the Professional Learning Evaluation and Assessment Committee, PLEAC, and the Quality Teaching Council.

Nerina has contributed to the professional standing of teachers through her development of new associations when she believed there was a need. Most recently she has had a hand in developing the Professional Casual Teachers’ Association in NSW, an association created to support casual relief teachers in their professional learning so that they can draw on a body of knowledge when responding to the learning needs of students within varying classroom contexts.

Nerina has acted as a mentor for many new directors who promote and lead professional teaching associations. She initiated development of the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW Director’s Induction Booklet and program. This work could be used as a best practice model by other professional teaching associations.

PTC NSW is not losing Nerina’s corporate knowledge as she will be the first member called to our 2017 Presidents’ Advisory Committee. Nerina has been a vocal and tireless advocate for the students and teachers of NSW and her passion, dedication and enormous contribution to the teaching profession makes her a worthy recipient of the inaugural Professor Dame Marie Bashir Medal for Outstanding Leadership in Education.