The National Numeracy Learning Progressions will be unpacked in this session and will provide teachers with an opportunity to engage with the National Numeracy Learning Progression to support improving students’ numeracy skills.

The course will be presented by Katherin Cartwright. Katherin is currently a session tutor at the University of Sydney and was previously the State Mathematics Advisor for the NSW DoE and was on the writing team for the numeracy progression.

The purpose of the course is for teachers to gain knowledge an understanding of the numeracy progression and how it can be used alongside assessment practices to identify student numeracy development. The course will cater for K-6 teachers, as there will be a general overview of the numeracy progression included, there is no need to have previously engaged in professional learning about the progression.

As the course involves analysing work samples, participants will be required to conduct an assessment with a small sample of students prior to the day (the assessment task will be provided).

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