As a member of PTC NSW can I access the PL accreditation committee?

Yes – the committee meets regularly to approve NESA accredited PL events. Alerts are emailed to all members listing deadlines for submissions.

What levels of accreditation can I apply for through PTC NSW?

PTC NSW has the advantage of being able to accredit PL courses for Proficient; Highly Accomplished and Lead

As a member of PTC NSW what secretariat services can I access and how much will it cost?

All member associations can access the full suite of secretariat services. A fee schedule is available for all members and consultations with PTC NSW staff can provide a quote.

Non-member rates are also available.

Why become a member of PTC NSW?

There is not enough room here to list all the advantages of a PTC NSW membership. Talk with other member associations; look through our website or call the PTC office and we can answer this question more fully.

As a member can I access meeting rooms in PTC NSW offices at Lidcombe?

Yes – bookings for meeting spaces at Lidcombe can be made via the PTC NSW office. We are also able to assist with a range of venues across Sydney.

Can PTC NSW assist with running large events?

Yes –PTC NSW secretariat has a wealth of experience running both small and large PL events. Our secretariat services include professional multi-media to assist with programs and fliers to PTConnect a professional Conference App! Contact the office for more information.