Accreditation beyond Proficient – HALT

Recently, PTC NSW held its first on-line member consultation session via Zoom to discuss changes to the NESA Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Policy changes. A very informed discussion was held with 11 participants from member associations. A copy of the feedback consultation has been sent to Mr Paul Martin at NESA.

Due to the success of this form of on-line engagement for consultation, PTC NSW will be utilising the on-line process to gather feedback and input more regularly.

To assist member associations, PTC NSW has arranged a hands on, practical Worksop with representatives from NESA and the Standards division. During the workshop, participants will unpack the working of the standards particularly for HA and Lead and then apply the standards to write a course with the assistance of the NESA team. A date is being negotiated for Term 4 and will be sent to all members associations shortly. We encourage all members to send representatives to this valuable free workshop.

HALT Feedback letter to Mr Paul Martin, NESA