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The Professional Teachers' Council NSW (PTC NSW) website is easy to use by anyone, whatever their method of internet access. Additional features have been implemented to aid access to the content on this website when using specialised internet browser software.

All text has a relative font size which means you can resize the text at any time if you want to.

All images have an ALT tag.

If you experience any kind of problem when using this website or you have any other feedback we'll be glad to hear from you. Please contact us here.


The website is built using XHTML and CSS, according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium - refer to standards. Where we do publish PDFs or other formats our policy is to make them as accessible as we can.

We try to use clear and simple language. We use alternative text for all our images and we have tested the colours we use in the design for contrast.

We developed the design and layout of the site so that it can be used by blind or partially sighted users. It is compatible with screen readers and can be navigated without the use of a mouse or keyboard. Making our website accessible is the responsibility of each and every person involved in publishing web pages at PTN.

Resizable Text

The text across the site is resizable. You can also change the text size using your browser. Instructions on how to resize text in different browsers below:

To change the size of text:

Browser TypeSettings
Internet Explorer View > Text Size
Netscape Navigator

Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts


File > Preferences > Fonts > Minimum font size


Resizable Text (using a mouse)

If you have a mouse with a wheel, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard whilst moving the wheel forward, to increase text size, or backward, to reduce text size.

Resizable Text (using a keyboard)

For Windows operating system:

  • use Ctrl + (increased pressing of + will incrementally increase the size of text)
  • use Ctrl - (increased pressing of - will incrementally reduce the size of text)

For Mac operating system:

  • use Command + (increased pressing of + will incrementally increase the size of text)
  • use Command - (increased pressing of - will incrementally reduce the size of text)

Browser Compatibility

The pages have been tested using various browsers to ensure that the information contained within the site is accessible to a range of different browsers.

We do however recommend, that to get the best experience from your visit to our site, you view the site in Internet Explorer version 7 or above. Javascript is used in some places throughout the site, so in order to get the best experience you should have Javascript enabled.

Further improvements

We continue to make further improvements and enhancements to our accessibility features according to feedback.

If you have any questions on accessibility please contact us herecontact us here.

Latest News

  • Associations' PL Events in Semester 2 2016

    The PTC NSW calendar of events for Semester 2, Terms 3 and 4 2016 is now available for download.

    icon PTC NSW PL Calendar Semester 2 2016 (683.71 kB)

    Here you will find a selection of workshops and seminars to be conducted during semester 2 by some of our professional teaching associations.

  • Reading the Past, Writing the Future 

    Reading the Past, Writing the Future 

    Thursday, 8 September 2016

    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Literacy Day

     International Literacy Day is celebrated worldwide, bringing together governments, multi- and bilateral organisations, NGOs, private sectors, communities, teachers, learners and experts in the field. On this day also International Literacy Prizes are awarded to people with outstanding solutions that can drive literacy towards achieving the 2030 Education Agenda. This year the focus is on innovation.

    This is the first year of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this context the vision of literacy is aligned with lifelong learning opportunities with special focus on youth and adults

  • On the 25 March 2016 Paul Brock, life member and esteemed friend of the English Teachers Association NSW, passed away.

    Paul Brock was a person who wanted to make a real difference and he achieved this in all areas of his personal and professional life. Paul took the road less travelled, ‘And that has made all the difference’. His story is one of courage and influence that has earned him the respect and admiration of all of us.

    English Teachers Association NSW - icon Obituary - Paul Brock, mETAphor Issue 2, 2016 (112.53 kB)

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